Zoom Outlook Plugin for Mac

I had been using Outlook 2016 for Mac for a pretty long while. Then, one day, out of frustration of not having feature parity with Outlook 2016 on Windows, I spun up Parallels and begun working within my Windows 10 environment for the past year.

Recently, after a long weekend of ‘disconnecting’ and keeping the Windows environment powered down, I decided to give Outlook 2016 for Mac a chance again. Don’t get me wrong, there is still not feature parity between Outlook 2016 on Mac and Windows, but I’ll deal…for now.

On the plus side, the CPUs ran a LOT less hot, and battery life was much improved. Yeah!

Then, I encountered a problem that was a first world problem, but nonetheless, annoying…

While creating a meeting invitation and adding in a Zoom Meeting, using the Zoom Plugin for Outlook, the contents of the Zoom meeting invite would be pasted in the email … at the bottom of the thread … not at the top.

Yup, #FirstWorldProblems

Nonetheless, I was told by support to simply check the box within settings called “Insert Zoom meeting invitation above existing text”

However, my client (the latest version 4.7.55397.0718) was not showing this option?!?

This was easy – see the “Save and do not show again?”

Simply uncheck that option, select Continue, and then go back into settings and voila! the option is there!

Hopefully this helps someone else who gets annoyed by the little things 😃

Zoom! Zoom!